Certified Divers
1 Tank $60.00
2 Tank $110.00
3 Tank $155.00
4 Tank $200.00
6 Tank $280.00
10 Tank $430.00
Equipment rental $5.00 per dive
Suit rental $6.00 per day


Certification Courses
Discover Scuba Diving $ 90.00¹
Refresher Course $ 90.00
Scuba Diver $290.00
Open Water $390.00
Advanced Open Water $375.00
Rescue Course $300.00
Dive Master $600.00
Medic First Aid (EFR) on request
Referrals on request
Night Dives on request

¹ Beginners only, can be credited toward a course
All prices quoted in USD

We can arrange transportation services in Negril.



Discover Scuba Diving is the perfect starter course for beginners. This class is a fun and easy introduction to diving. We begin with an academic class then move to the pool to practice the techniques you just learned. Once you are comfortable, we continue on to a relaxing dive in the beautiful Jamaican waters. The entire course lasts three (3) hours and can be credited toward diving certification here or at any Padi shop worldwide if you choose to continue your underwater experiences.

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The Scuba Diver course is the ideal full certification course for the vacationer interested in recreational diving. Once completed, this course will allow you to experience dives down to forty (40) foot (12 meters) at any Padi shop worldwide. This course can be completed in one full day or broken up into two half days. It consists of an academic session followed by practicing your new skills in the pool. Once you are comfortable, we will move on to the sea for two (2) dives. The first dive being to practice your newfound skill set and observe the underwater beauty. Once certified, the second dive will be used to dive down to forty (40) foot (12 meters). With the clear visibility here in Negril, Jamaica, this is truly a breathtaking experience.

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Time to take off the training wheels and jump into the next level of diving. After completing the SCUBA DIVER course requirements, we return to the classroom and swimming pool to learn and practice more advanced skills. Following class, we enjoy two more dives in the deep blue tropical waters to finish up and receive your certification. This course can be completed in three half days or a more relaxed schedule to suit you.

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This dive course is geared for the diver who wishes to learn more specialized skills. Once completing two dives which cover Deep and Navigation Diving, you are free to choose the following three dives. These can range from Buoyancy Dives, Night Dives, Naturalist Dives and many more. The beautiful clear water and colorful fish provide the best backdrop while you hone your skills further and become an advanced diver.

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Whether for work or pleasure....what better location to further your certification to the level of rescue diver? This dive course teaches rescue skills both on the surface and underwater. You will learn the necessary skill set to handle a missing diver, a panicked diver and much more. First Aid skills are taught which include but are not limited to "mouth to mouth" and exit procedures with an injured diver.

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The first level of professional diving where emphasis is on leadership skills, knowledge development, skill levels and your introduction of being able to pass on to others just getting started all of the excitement diving has to offer. It also gives you the opportunity for employment in the industry due to the level you have attained.

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